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AutoQuiz is a PC based program I developed to record quiz matches.  Using TTS(Text To Speech) the program can Quiz Master a match, vocalizing the question loaded from a text file or select from questions sets built into the program. The interruption place is measured from the start of speaking to the point of stopping the question using a keyboard or Grass Lake Quiz box.  The measures can be compared to another team in another part of the world. Using the compare tool two or more teams can be compared and only the fastest correct answers will get points, simulating a match for two teams not in the same room. Officials are still need to judge answers for correctness and fair play.

We have conducted several test competitions locally using the program with success and if you have questions or need help just contact me using contact page here or on facebook Larry Mullins

Another feature I am working on is IQ(Interrupt Quotient).  IQ is grading the place of interruption for a question on a simple scale 1-Good, 2-Better, 3-Best on correct answers.

  • Good no interruption
  • Better interrupted the question
  • Best interrupted near the unique interrupt

I also have available for purchase what I call a Keyboard Quizbox. It has input like a normal Quizbox but it sends key codes like a keyboard to a computer, by that allowing you to adapt key paddles from the Kirkman box to AutoQuiz.  The cost is $20 and that includes shipping send me a message through facebook or use contact link on this page.  Also order through Etsy

Keyboard Quizbox