Is there an upcoming TBQ practice AutoQuiz event over Matthew? I thought I saw a post but can't find it now. ...
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I just emailed results for AQ JBQ Regional. Attaching Team Results here. ...
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JBQ AutoQuiz Regional InvitationThe competition will end Sunday April 18th. I sent the questions out today for early starters. I have 7 teams registered and it is not too late to join, you have till Wednesday April 14th to register. ...
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To find out more on AutoQuiz click the link in the menu.

TBQ AutoQuiz-2021-FEB

JBQ AutoQuiz-2021-FEB

TBQ AutoQuiz-Pre-Friendship

TBQ AutoQuiz-2021-JAN

JBQ AutoQuiz-2021-JAN

JBQ AutoQuiz-DEC

Virtual JBQ 2020-NOV

Match Guidelines

You may have up to 8 players at the table at one time. Quiz Outs follow the same rules 6 correct or 3 incorrect and you are out of the match. Question sets are to be unread by any officials, coaches or quizzers prior to the match. They are not to be used as study guides for play and must be asked only once to quizzers. No Rereads: if a question is interrupted and gotten wrong it is dead.

No Fouls: If a question is interrupted before the first word of the question the question can be restarted, but no foul.  If any other foul offense occurs during the reading of the question, the question is dead and no points gained on question. Incorrect responses are still counted as negative points.

Time Outs: take as many you need and cheer you team when they deserve it. Make it fun.

Once all matches are completed, go into Compare and select matches and send an email to coordinator.

There are study sets built into the program for JBQ practice, utilize these sets for practice or create your own.

Larry Mullins