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This competition is on going, choose the sets you wish to quiz over and send in the results via AutoQuiz. Team sets are under Load Questions in menu bar and can be loaded with just a click. Each block of questions is composed of four sets covering the material and all four must be completed to count. Take the quiz as often as you like and send it in as often as you want. try to get your best score by interrupting all questions and getting them correct. I will send you the results, in most cases the same day.

Quiz-outs are still 6 questions. The number of quizzers on a team determines how many correct questions a quizzer can remain in the match:

  • 4 or more quizzers 6 questions 
  • 3 quizzers 7 questions
  • 2 quizzers 10 questions
  • 1 quizzer 20 questions

Until I get enough participants all quizzes will be compared to the “Phantom Team” that answers every question at the last word.  The “Phantom Team” will get some wrong on occasion but most of the time they will get it right, so if you don’t interrupt the every question, you more than likely will not win the match.

  • Virtual-1  10s(1-36), 20s(289-312), 30s(481-492)
  • Virtual-2  10s(37-72), 20s(313-336), 30s(493-504)
  • Virtual-3  10s(73-108), 20s(337-360), 30s(505-516)
  • Virtual-4  10s(109-144), 20s(361-384), 30s(517-528)
  • Virtual-5  10s(145-180), 20s(385-408), 30s(529-540)
  • Virtual-6  10s(181-216), 20s(409-432), 30s(541-552)
  • Virtual-7  10s(217-252), 20s(433-456), 30s(553-564)
  • Virtual-8  10s(253-288), 20s(457-480), 30s(565-576)
Leagues across the country vary their competitions in many ways I hope you find this valuable and can make it fit your training methods.  If you have another way to do this, please send me a  message on facebook or through the contact form on this web site.
Under Load Questions is also section for Individual Sets for competition by point value. Pick a block of questions and send in the results just like the Team Competition.  This can be useful in learning the Master Awards.
Larry Mullins