Score Keeping & Registration

ZOOM Meeting June 12, 2003 Attend and learn more about Bible Quiz Tech

Topic: BQ Registration and Scorekeeping
Time: Jun 12, 2023 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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Registration is free and easy. If you are a coordinator wanting to use it, create a login and leave a feedback message and someone will contact you.

ScoreKeep a score keeping app which currently runs under windows, which feeds directly off registration data and helps in creating round robins and managing all the score keeping for a competition.

EZScore a scoring app which runs on android or windows and is used to enter and post data live to the internet to make it easier for coaches and spectators to see the scores as the match progresses question by question.

Scorekeep Training (7 video playlist)

EZScore Training (3 video playlist)

ScoreKeep XP (legacy program)