Virtual JBQ 2020-NOV

More about AutoQuiz…

November 7th – < Register Here > This is a FREE event and we will be using AutoQuiz for the competition. Question sets will be distributed on November 6, 2020 at noon EST.  You will have till midnight Saturday, November 7th (match rules below). The number of rounds will depend on the teams who sign up. We will build a round robin schedule based on the number of teams participating and you will do the number of rounds to complete the round robin with a minimum of 5 rounds.

There will be 4 divisions a 4th division was added because some districts start at the end of the box on even years:

  • Advanced: Standard sets over the entire Fact-Pak
  • Intermediate 1: 10s (1-96), 20s (289-352), 30s (481-512)
    [First third of box]
  • Intermediate 2: 10s (193-288), 20s (417-480), 30s (545-576)
    [Last third of box]
  • Beginner: 10s (1-96)

This competition is FREE and certificates will be the trophies and awarded by e-mail.  Results will be posted here on after the event and I will do my best as the results come in.

Zoom meeting 10/22/2020 at 8pm EST for those interested.
Click… to start or join a scheduled Zoom meeting. If you missed the meeting contact Larry Mullins or Dan Anderson via facebook or leave a message on the contact page of this web site.

Match Rules

You may have up to 8 players at the table at one time. Quiz Outs follow the same rules 6 correct or 3 incorrect and you are out of the match. Question sets are to be unread by any officials, coaches or quizzers prior to the match. They are not to be used as study guides for play and must be asked only once to quizzers. No Rereads: if a question is interrupted and gotten wrong it is dead.

Once all matches are completed, go into Compare and select matches and send an email to coordinator.

There are study sets built into the program for JBQ practice, utilize these sets for practice or create your own.